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Smart Factory - Discrete Manufacturing

Our solution brings men, machine, material and method on a common platform to enable seamless communication, coordination, and collaboration.

We achieve this using a combination of hardware and software, thereby enabling us to bring online any machine —both Greenfield and brownfield projects


Downtime Analysis, Cycle time monitoring, or Advanced Process Control, all of these critical manufacturing KPIs are captured and analyzed helping an organization improve its efficiency, reduce rejections and enable product traceability and genealogy. A complete workflow engine brings man and method together via e-logbooks, digital check sheets, and work instructions.

In summary, what we offer are:

  • Machine Connectivity of any/all types (CNC, PLC, Conventional)

  • Condition Based Monitoring (CBM)

  • Production Count & Time

  • Process Parameters

  • Machine Health & Maintenance

  • Parametric Quality & Advance Process Control

  • Smart PPAP (Process Definition Adequacy)

  • Traceability & Product Genealogy

  • Operator Skill Mapping with identification/authentication


  • Reduce scrap loss (Accurate production monitoring helps to reduce scrap cost)

  • Reduction in rejection (Optimisation in process due to Real time monitoring reduces the rejection of product)

  • Increment in OEE and Productivity

  • Increase End to End traceability

  • Reduce Down time & Cost

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