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Smart Factory - Continous Manufacturing

Optimize your continuous production process; Improve key performance indicators (KPI) and failure predictions using real-time data analytics backed by AI

We simplify the shop floor by gathering real-time, detailed data from every aspect of the plant's processes, such as machines, sensors, meters, and enterprise software. This data is then integrated into an Industrial IoT platform.

Next, we use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze this data and provide insights on efficiency, production, and equipment health. These insights can be easily accessed through web-based dashboards on laptops and smartphones, offering real-time visibility into production, machine usage, and downtime.


  • Real time visibility (Real time monitoring of critical KPIs i.e. OEE, Efficiency, Cost, etc.)

  • Predictive maintenance and Predictive Quality (ML/AI algorithm to predict the machines health and product quality in advance)

  • Advanced analytics to make informed decisions (Representation of data that helps user to take informed and accurate decisions)

  • Prescription to improve operations and quality (Recommendation based on ML/AI algorithm to improve the process)

  • Hierarchy based software visualization (dashboard visualization as per the user preference i.e. CEO and Operator would have different KPI dashboard)


  • Increase Productivity

  • Increase End to End traceability

  • Reduce Down time

  • Data based decision making

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