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Industry 4.0 for every Industry

Brewsight is a leading IoT company that believes in pushing the boundaries of Industry 4.0. With our cutting-edge products, we strive to bring the power of digital transformation to every industry, from automotive and aerospace to textiles and defense.

Car Engineering


Brewsight is the leading IoT company offering cutting-edge solutions that kickstart your enterprise's digital transformation journey. Our end-to-end product and process traceability solutions help bring traceability throughout your manufacturing value chain.

Drawing of Wool Yarn


Brewsight provides innovative IoT solutions that revolutionize the way businesses understand and interact with their consumable and energy processes. With data-driven insights, Brewsight helps businesses transform the way they perceive and manage those processes for maximum efficiency and efficacy.



Brewsight specializes in leveraging the power of IoT to accelerate pharmaceutical manufacturing, warehousing, packaging and supply chain management. Our solutions are designed to enhance the quality of product, reduce the errors in production, and increase overall productivity.


Oil & Gas

Brewsight is a leading IoT company that offers a range of services to maximize efficiency and reduce costs for the oil and gas industry. With its groundbreaking and innovative tools and services, Brewsight is making the industry more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective.


Iron and Steel

Brewsight helps businesses unlock the power of their data with easy-to-implement, cost-effective manufacturing data lake solutions. Our solutions enable you to establish data-driven insights into predictive quality and maintenance for your enterprise, allowing you to maximize efficiency and profits.


Aerospace & Defense

Brewsight offers innovative IoT applications for aerospace and defense to help mitigate risk, improve safety and optimize performance. With innovative software solutions and real-time data analysis capabilities, Brewsight is the perfect partner to help you stay ahead in your industry.

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