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What if machines & humans could talk?

We stand on the intersection of Manufacturing & IoT

Start and accelerate the Digital Transformation of your factory with our holistic lndustrial IoT solutions Leverage AI/ML Data Analytics that suits your organization’s structure and needs

How it Works

Harness the Power of manufacturing data

A one-stop shop that connects your man-method-material-machine.

God-Mode Access


Improved Efficiency

Brewsight is a leading IoT company that offers advanced analytics for predictive maintenance, quality prediction, and more. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, Brewsight is able to gather a sufficient amount of data to provide invaluable insights and concrete action plans.

Our Offerings

Why Brewsight?

Put brew to work. Invest your time where it's needed

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Bespoke and Holistic

It is made to tweak, and toss up to your needs.

Brewsight offers bespoke and holistic IoT solutions to meet all of your business needs. Our services are tailored to fit any budget, making us the perfect choice no matter where you are in your IoT journey.

Real-Time Data & Insights

We connect all the small things carefully to make the big things work.

Bring your men, machine, material and method on a common platformto enable seamless communication, coordination, and collaboration. We help you to achieve this using a combination of hardware and software, thereby enabling us to bring online any machine —both Greenfield and brownfield projects.

Industrial Engineer
industry worker

Let Data do its Magic for you!

Use Brewsight's design expertise to match multiple platforms and formats.


Increase in Production


decrease in manual tasks


Increase in operational cap.


Reduction in wastage/reject.


Industry 4.0 for every Industry

Our IoT solution offers a customised and cost-effective way to enhance your shop floor operations with clear RoI. We provide holistic solutions that cover all facets of the shop floor, from energy to efficiency. You can access real-time, intuitive operational visibility from shop-floor to top-floor, enabling better decision making. Our domain driven analytics help you optimize your production processes and reduce costs. We also integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem. We have connected 15+ plants, 500+ machines, and achieved up to 95% reduction in manual processes.


Every Solution was once a problem

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